Rental of Tent : The Palace of the magic in your event

Imagine renting a circus tent for your event and where the magic extends beyond the stage. Our marquee magic bring the charm of the theatre to your chosen location. From weddings to corporate parties, this tent transforms any place into a magical setting.

Option Silver – Magic Essence: Rent a Tent Standard

Our standard option is perfect for those who want a dose of magic without breaking the budget. This tent lovely offers:

  • Assembly and Disassembly Included: We take care of everything so that your only concern is to enjoy the show.

Option Gold – The Touch Divinatory: Zoltar, the Mystic

Can you imagine having your own machine Zoltar, the fortune-teller, in your event? This option has the magic to another level, offering

Experience Zoltar Only:

  • Customized interaction: Zoltar not only predicts the future, but interacts personally with the guests, giving readings to measure.
  • Customization Exclusive: The machine Zoltar gives you the card of fortune with your logo or brand.

Option Platinum - Sweet Magic in the Air: Machine Magic Cotton Candy and Machine popcorn

Get ready to experience sweet that defies gravity! With our machine Magic Cotton Candy, your event will be even more sweet. This option includes:

Cotton candy Flying:

  • Lovely Presentation: The cotton candy is threads of magic, creating a visual display unique that will captivate your guests.
  • Variety of Colors: From the classic sky-blue to yellow , customize your experience with a range of delicious options.
  • Machine popcorn: Enjoy the classic popcorn sweet or savory, or give them a touch of color.

Option Diamon - Experience Premium: Full Pack

Do you want the maximum magic in your event? Our Premium option includes all of the above services, giving you a full experience and without concerns.

All Included: Tent, Zoltar, Magic Cotton Candy Machine of palskip:

  • The Whole Scenario: Enjoy the essence of our theatre with the tent, the predictions intriguing Zoltar and the sweet charm of Magic Cotton Candy.
  • Total Customization: Create an event as, from the decoration of the tent to the customized flavors of cotton candy.
  • All the options can include a Magic show or Circus

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